My kitty has a cold.

Poor Gambit. Late Thursday night he started sneezing. Then sneezed all day yesterday and was rather lethargic. He slept most of the day. Then this morning he didn't even eat all of his scoop that I'd given him earlier. So we called the vet and got in because of a cancellation.

He's running a fever, but got a shot that should break it by tonight. Poor guy.

But omg...we have to give him Amoxicillin TWICE a day for a WEEK. Can you say difficult and nigh on impossible? It's the pink liquid stuff. Poor Gambit. He hates when his face is handled.

Uff da.


Jay said...

Awww, at least its a liquid though. When we had to give my cat medicine it was always pills and he hated those. We used to wrap the pill in a peice of cheese or bacon and he would just eat around the pill and leave it there. We tried just shoving it down his throat and he'd spit it across the room. Not fun.

CindyS said...

I actually have the pill thing down pat. I just have to have the head held properly. I don't even know how I would get my cat to drink a liquid. I guess you could put some dried catnip in it but only if he eats it. (My one cat eats it while the other will chew and then roll in it.)

Good Luck!

Nicole said...

Cindy, all you have to do is squirt it in. it's in a dropper. We were given a choice between pills and liquid. At least with the liquid, once it's in his mouth, he's not going to spit it out.