Tax Time! - and a new computer

Well, our taxes are done and will be mailed off tomorrow. And with the refund...a new computer for me. Well, most of a new computer. I don't need a new case, or a new hard drive (already have a nice Seagate), or cd-rom drives, or keyboard/mouse. But I did get new guts. :-) So sometime later this week UPS will be bringing me a new AMD Opteron dual-core processor (my old AMD t-bird is over 5 years old and still running strong, so I like AMD), new videocard, more RAM (bringing it up to a gig), and a new motherboard. Which basically translates to a whole new computer. A whole new FASTER computer. Thanks, Nick.

Oh...and the cat has finally decided it likes the bed I bought when we first got him. Er, helped along with a little catnip, of course. But the catnip is gone and he still loves to sleep in it.

I have some reviews I need to work on for here.

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CW said...

A gig of ram...oh you lucky wench. :P