Crazy kitty

Gambit 494
Originally uploaded by kelley899.
Note the puffed up tail. Gambit went nuts over something, or rather nothing, on the porch. He was hissing and his tail was just huge! But there's nothing out there, so no clue what was going on in his mind.


Michele said...

Cute! Maybe a moth? My cat, when I lived at home, would stalk them.
I loved it when he did that "chittering" thing with his mouth. It was wild.

I miss kitty antics.

Dance Chica said...

Or maybe she's hissing at her own reflection? Do cats do that? (I've never had one, lol.)

Kristie (J) said...

Zina the princes (not a) warrior cat fluffs her tail out like that whenever she's in the mood to be petted. It's so cute when their tails go all poofy isn't it?

Brandy said...

One of mine did that last night. To a catnip plant. *sigh* Nutty kitties are the most fun though!!Gambit looks intense.

Nicole said...

Yup, it was his reflection. He did it again tonight and that's definitely it. Uff da.

So funny that they can freak themselves out over something like this.