Gambit pic!

Gambit 448, originally uploaded by kelley899.

Here's Gambit on our bed. He was sleeping, but woke up when I went in the room. And yes, those are my pajamas that he's on. And yes, the bed is not made. Oops.

And oh, I'm so glad I feel better. I've been feeling like crap that last few days and even stayed home from work Wed. and Thurs. to kick it. I think I have as I feel much better and my head doesn't feel nasty like it did. Just a bit of lingering tiredness. Did get a lot of reading in. Trying to write up those posts.

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Michele said...

Oh, I love this pic! He looks like he has a dab of Marshmellow stuck on his nose. How Cute!

Nice bedspread ,BTW, I love the pattern.