Karin Slaughter

Okay, so I've been reading these books for the last two weeks and just loving them. Now I'm on Faithless, which follow Indelible, A Faint Cold Fear, Kiss Cut, and Blindsighted. I've really enjoyed each and every story.

Blindsighted introduces all the main characters. We've got Jeffrey Tolliver, the chief of police; Sara Linton, his ex-wife, pediatrician and part-time coroner; and Lena Adams, the first female officer Tolliver put on the force. There are more, like Sara's family, but these three are really in all the books. Well, mainly Jeffrey and Sara, but Lena also plays a fairly significant part in most of the books.

The rest of the books are really good and we learn lots of stuff about the characters and how events in that book and previous ones have changed them. These characters really do change as the series goes on. I can't wait to see what Faithless has in store. Indelible got into the back story of Sara and Jeffrey, which was fascinating, and the events in Blindsighted are still having a huge impact on Lena (and probably will, what happened to her isn't something one gets over). These are definitely not for the faint of heart, but I never felt like the violence was gratuitous, it just fit the story. Yes, horrifying things happen, but it done really well. Karin Slaughter has become a new favorite author. Love, love, love these books.

So this has been a seriously good glom. After Faithless, I'm not sure if I'll read Triptych right away or not. I know it's a standalone novel, so it's not a must-read right now, but if it's anywhere near as good as these books have been, I will want to read it eventually.


Avid Reader said...

I haven't read Faithless yet but I will soon. Lena has been a emotional roller coaster for me as a reader. Her recovery and self-destruction has been well, draining. I love these books as well and can't wait for more. Her stand alone is on my shelf, waiting TBR as well. Glad you had a good glom. I'm still waiting for one myself.


Nicole said...

Yes, it has been draining. I keep wanting to shake her and tell her to snap out of it, but the way everything is written, I also understand why she's doing what she's doing. I just don't want her to have anything more horrible to happen to her, yet I think it's coming.

Avid Reader said...

There's still Ethan, slightly in the picture. I think they did break up but I'm not 100% sure about that. I think he does show up in Faithless. Look forward to your review when you read it. I won't be reading it anytime soon.