a mini shopping spree

I've been reading a bunch of ebooks at night the last few nights and it was seeming like my choices were definitely getting smaller. I read Repo Chick Blues by Tracy Sharp (excellent book, btw), Colters' Woman by Maya Banks (review below), Not Quite Dead by Sela Carsen, and Lord Night by Jessie Verino.

So, off to find more ebooks. I bought Yule Be Mine by Charlene Teglia from Cerridwen, Cloud Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow and The Wrong Christmas Carol by J.A. Ferguson from Imajinn Books, and Murder a la Mode by G.A. McKevett.

And woot! I learned from Tracy's website that the sequel to Repo Chick Blues will be out tomorrow! Man, I'm actually glad I waited to read the book since the wait would have been awful. I'll definitely be purchasing Finding Chloe tomorrow.

And another thing, I may not like Liquid Silver's pricing on ebooks (hence why I seldom think to head to their site and buy), but they do have some great covers.


Angela James said...

I've *almost* bought Repo Chick several times but never have, for some reason. I'll have to think about buying it next year (I'm on a book buying embargo until 2007, lolol).

Trace said...

Nicole, I'm so glad you liked Repo Chick! That makes me happy. I hope you like Finding Chloe as much :) Thanks for mentioning it in your blog.

Angela, I hope you like Repo Chick!

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - so often when I come to visit and see all the books you want/have read I have to laugh. I've never heard of a good majority of them. *g*