Wednesday wonders

Ahhh....good day today. Had a dentist appt in the morning. I love my dentist and the assistants there. They are so sweet and nice and wonderful and make my teeth squeaky clean. And since there was good news in not having any work done, I decided to treat myself to some books and kinda headed to Walmart in hopes that maybe they released some of next months books early. Hey, a girl can hope, right?

Anyways, no books, but I did end up buying some clothing. I really don't like to shop at Walmart, but I was having trouble finding some button-down shirts that weren't too long, yet still fit me in the chest. So I bought some shirts and some khakis there. And then headed off to work.

Good time there, too. Met a very nice woman named Jacquie Greenfield who has a western romance coming out this next year from Five Star. Yes, a western!! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more information about it.

And....Disturbed concert tomorrow night!!!!!!! Yay! And I hope to bring my camera, so there may be pictures.

And Nick did the sweetest thing ever tonight. Waiting on my keyboard was a cute card that said "Remember, I'm always right behind you." Awww....isn't he sweet? I think he's one reason I enjoy reading romance as I get my own wonderful hero and love to read about others being as happy.

But now I need to head off to bed as it's getting late and I work a morning shift tomorrow so I get off the evening for the concert. Night all!

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