Princess at Sea by Dawn Cook

One day Tess was the crown princess of Costenopolie, and the next she discovered she was a beggar’s child, reared as a decoy to keep the real princess safe from assassins. But Tess’s flair for politics, self-defense, and shopping—and her recently discovered magical powers—thwarted the kingdom’s enemies and restored the real princess to the throne.

Now, she dons an ambassador’s robe to help Costenopolie put its best foot forward—and to keep the newly crowned queen from tripping over her own...

Assigned to chaperone Queen Contessa and her new husband on their honeymoon voyage, Tess spends more time playing referee between the temperamental pair. Before another battle royal can erupt, a storm forces the ship to drop anchor where another vessel is similarly stranded—and Tess finds her heart stranded between a roguish cardsharp and a disturbingly attractive army captain.

But Tess’s potential suitors are the least of her worries. The crew of the neighboring anchored ship reveal themselves to be pirates and abduct the royal couple for ransom—unaware that Tess’s magic is the real treasure in their midst...

Title: Princess at Sea
Author: Dawn Cook (who I’ve heard is also Kim Harrison)
Year published: 2006
Why I picked up this book: I liked The Decoy Princess and this is the sequel.
Do I like the cover? Sure.
Is this part of a series? Yup, it’s the second in the series.
What I enjoyed about the book: I liked learning more about Tess and her world. There are some great characters. There’s not quite as much political stuff in this book, but it’s still there and done well. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen to Tess next since some rather interesting things happen at the end of Princess at Sea.
What I didn’t like about the book? Nothing really. It’s a fun book and I’m glad I picked it up.
Is this a new-to-me author and would I read something by this author again? Not a new author and I’ll read more.
Am I keeping it or passing it on? It was a library book, so it’s going back.

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