Looks To Die For by Janice Kaplan

Title:  Looks To Die For
Author: Janice Kaplan
Year published: 2007
Why I picked up this book:  ARC came in at work and it looked interesting.  I’m a sucker for getting to read books early.
Do I like the cover?  Eh, it’s okay, but kinda silly.
Is this part of a series?  I don’t think it is, but who knows?
What I enjoyed about the book:  It’s a rather fun, quirky cozy mystery/chick lit.  Set in upper class L.A. society as the wife of a prominent plastic surgeon has to clear his name.  Lots of name dropping, but it worked for the story and didn’t bother me.  Nothing deep here, but as a fun mystery, it worked pretty well.  
What I didn’t like about the book?  Well, it IS a bit shallow, but that’s not really a problem.  So there really wasn’t much I didn’t like.  It’s just what it looks like, a cute, fun mystery.  No blood and guts here.
Is this a new-to-me author and would I read something by this author again?  New-to-me author and I don’t know if I’ll read anything more by this author.  Only if I find something else that sounds interesting.
Am I keeping it or passing it on? I’m passing it on.  I didn’t feel the need to keep it, so back on the shelf it will go.

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