Music as a Weapon concert

Music as a Weapon Tour 123x

Well, the concert was quite good. We heard Nonpoint, Flyleaf, Stonesour, and Disturbed. I enjoyed all of them a lot. Also took lots of pictures.

Instead of putting them all on my post here, I'm going to direct you over to my Flickr account that has them all. Much easier, I think. :-)

The pics I took of Nonpoint came out really blurry, so didn't include them.

Music as a Weapon Tour photos


Lara Adrian said...

Ohh....JEALOUS!!! I love Disturbed. That picture is awesome, btw!

10,000 Fists In The Air (more like 30,000 from the looks of it!)

Happy New Year to you, Nicole. And hi, since this is my first post on your blog. :)

Nicole said...

The pic's a bit misleading. I think I read that there were only about 7,000 people there. But it was a great concert.

Thanks for stopping by! I've heard some great buzz about your upcoming series.

Lara Adrian said...

LOL -- yeah, that looks like way more than 7,000 people! I'm still jealous. ;-)

You've heard good buzz about my series? Cool! I just posted an excerpt at my website, fwiw.

Hope you're enjoying your vaca!