American Beauty by Ashley Ladd

American Beauty by Ashley Ladd

Blurb from Ellora's Cave:
Kirsty Engle is in shock when Bradley Miller, resplendent in a ball gown, feather boa, and tons of eye shadow, wants to rent her spare room. She can't understand why this obviously unavailable man makes her heart sing and her blood boil more than any other.

Undercover police officer Lt. Brad Mueller curses his captain and the car thieves that are responsible for him being in such a totally ludicrous predicament. It's bad enough he has to dress like a babe, but he's received strict orders not to touch one for the duration of his secret mission, under threat of being fired from the force. This ladies' man doesn't know if he can stand his worse-than-death sentence - particularly after he falls for his sweet and very voluptuous landlady. As if all of that isn't bad enough, everything gets really crazy when Kirsty and her gay boss make a bet to see who can win his heart.

American Beauty was fairly fun to read. I actually went back to it last night when I didn't finish it the other night, which doesn't always happen. It's one of those books that's fun to read, but when you go back and really think about it, things crop up. Though hmmm...really, it's more that I'd wanted to see Kirsty and Brad having a few more alone times to really see how their relationship grows. It's implied that they have these moments, but we don't really see them. And Brad doesn't seem to do as much undercover work as one would think he'd be doing. But otherwise, it is a cute story with some fun characters. The ending where Brad proposes (really, it's a romance, is that a spoiler?) is extremely cute and you can see how Kirsty can't resist saying yes.

So....this is not a must-read, but it is a nice way to pass a few hours.


Jay said...

I keep forgetting I have this. I should read it :)

Karen Scott said...

I read this one a while ago, and I recall thinking it was a fun read too.