Tomorrow is the big day

Yup...tomorrow my computer parts arrive. Well, the rest of them. The power supply came today. Nick's getting off work early to come home and start putting it together. There will be pictures. Um...because I feel like taking pictures. :-) And there will be light! Nick tried out the light thingies tonight and they work.

And the damn cat is feeling especially needy today. And if you try to ignore him, he bites. This is not a good thing to start doing. And we bought Sticky Paws to try to combat the early morning wake-up call. Uh..this is after Nick tried to make an automatic thingie to spray air at the cat. You know you're living with an engineer when he tries to use the newly bought solenoid to combat bad kitty behavior. At least I think it was a solenoid. Anyways, it didn't work. And he tried a motor he had. Yeah, engineers....ya gotta love 'em.


ReneeW said...

Jeez, Nick is such a guy :) I use Sticky Paws on the couch in the living room and it works great.... the cat hates it. Yay. My cat gives me a love 'nip' on my ear lobe (ouch) when she's in a snuggly mood. I hate that.

Eve said...

I hate the little love nips too - I've found a little water bottle helps then.

Envious about the computer!