And Sunday night

We went to the Nine Inch Nails concert in Moline, IL last night. Oh wow, it was really really good. Saturday night may have been good, but it doesn't hold anything against last night. The opening band sucked ass, but the rest of the concert more than made up for that. Great music and we had nice seats (row 7 just right of center), so we had a great view of the stage. And seats, so when my feet got sore, I could sit down for a minute. Or sit to avoid the smoke of the guy in the row in front of us (mind you, this was a non-smoking facility). But other than that it was great!!!!

And now it's Monday. We got Gambit from the vet where we boarded him and he's happy to be home and begging for food again. Now for a day of rest. Which includes going to the gym and perhaps cleaning the apt. carpets. Did I say day of rest?

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