Romantic Times March 2006

Romantic Times in review

Seems my local Barnes and Noble has stopped carrying Romantic Times. But this weekend I was at Waldenbooks across town and picked up the March issue. I don’t read it much, but I enjoy it every time I do, so I finally went and subscribed today.

So…my personal highlights from this issue:

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas is a Top Pick, as is Beauty and the Spy by Julie Anne Long. Both books I really want to read. Then there’s Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase, but since I haven’t read Mr. Impossible, I think I’m going to wait on buying this one. But I’m sure I’ll eventually get it.

Although I found Robyn DeHart’s first book a bit bland, the review of A Study in Scandal does make it sound kinda fun.

Although Destiny by Helen Kirkman has a gorgeous cover, the book sounds rather bland. I guess Viking historicals just don’t do it for me very much. And it's in trade, so it's expensive.

I’m not quite sure why Awaiting the Moon by Donna Lea Simpson is considered a March release since it’s obviously a February one, but oh well. Good review. Already have the book due to the PaperbackReader review.

I can’t wait for the anthology that Eileen Dreyer, Jennifer Crusie and Anne Stuart are going to do. It’s going to be The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, and unfortunately, won’t be out until 2007.

Ooooh….Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow got a Top Pick! So, you know, go out and buy the book next month.

The Lighthorseman by Marjorie Jones sounds interesting. It’s a historical set in Australia.

Oooh….Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen review! Another Top Pick. I want.

Another book I’ve been interested in, Quiet As the Grave by Kathleen O’Brien, got four stars. I really enjoyed her previous gothic last year (Happily Never After), so I’m looking forward to getting this one.

Will be getting The Kill by Allison Brennan to round out the trilogy. I started the second one this weekend, but have a few other things to read before I begin it again. Should be good. I really enjoyed the first book, The Prey.

Blondes Have More Felons by Alesia Holliday looks like fun, though it only got three stars. We’ll see how it is, since it should be in my mail box soon. (in fact, it did come today)

Another “ooooh” with Perfect Weapon by Amy J. Fetzer. I can’t wait! But damn it, does it have to be a trade?

You Only Love Twice by Lori Wilde got four very deserving stars. Already read and reviewed and greatly enjoyed this book.

Bad Boys in Kilts by Donna Kauffman. Someone should send this one to Màili. Cute cover.

Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren. Another Top Pick (yeesh, how many are there?) Looks interesting and I plan to pick it up.

Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. Yet another Top Pick. Looks interesting and it’s on my list of books I want.

Goddess of the Rose by P.C. Cast…already got it and hope to read it soon.

The Saint by Melanie Jackson – Santa Claus as a romance hero????????

And romance novels made into straight-to-dvd movies? Personally, it sounds rather scary. Someone will have to buy one and blog about it. And I’m not volunteering.


Samantha said...

"Bad Boys in Kilts" looks really cute.

And santa as a hero just sounds creepy to me.

Angela James said...

The Lillith Saintcrow book is already shipping from Amazon. I got it in the mail today :) This is the first book I've ever read by her and it's based on what I've seen you and Bam say, so I'm holding you responsible ;)

Are her other books available in ebook?

Avid Reader said...

I'm getting the Clamp book for sure.


McVane said...

Boys in Kilts? Great. Sure, go ahead, why not tell me that Theresa Weir is writing a romance, Highlander in Leather Shorts?

Books to films? I volunteer, I volunteer! What does the article say about it?

Nicole said...

Maili, mainly that attendees of the RT Convention will learn more. They'll be called Lasting Moments dvds ad should be distributed by Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, grocery store chains (huh?) and the internet. The people involved are Tony Peyrot, Maureen Peyrot, and Robert K. Weiss.

Should be, um, interesting.

sybil said...

Oh yes the warren book does look good. And is it just me or does Saintcrow's cover look alot like Haunted?

Oh I want Broken as well. So. Must. Get. Job.

Anonymous said...

Really? Santa Claus? I just saw THE SAINT in the bookstore--it caught my eye because the cover model is so blond, which seemed unusual to me.

Nicole said...

St. Nicholas, anyways. Santa :-)