I have a cold.

I do. And it sucks. My nose is runny, and when it's not runny it's sore and dry. And my throat has some nasty gunk in it that won't go away and makes me want to hack and cough, but hacking and coughing won't help. And my sinuses hurt and are starting to get the hit by a 2x4 feeling. I hate when my face hurts. And I'm tired and sore and on top of all this I feel guilty that I'm sick. I haven't worked out in awhile and feel guilty about that. I want to do things, not be plopped on the couch hugging a blanket and a kleenex box feeling sorry for myself. I hurt, I ache, and I don't want to! *whine whine whine* how come nick never gets sick? Okay, now that's just mean and I'd feel worse if he got sick from me. But dammit, I always get sick during the worst time. Like yesterday I planned to drag myself to the gym after a half hour nap. Well, that half-hour nap turned into a couple hours and while I did feel better afterwards, I still didn't feel all that great. But I really really really did want to go to the gym, if only to assuage my guilt over not going much last week. Guilt...it's a powerful thing. And Nick's just so darn nice all the time. Which I love. And wouldn't change, but it still makes me feel guilty for being sick and not going to the gym.

Oh screw this, I'm going to go lie on the couch and vegetate.

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Karen Scott said...

I've had two colds and 1 bout of flu since Christmas. It sucks donkey balls big time!