Sometimes it sucks to be a woman

And I'm saying that with a smile on my face. *g* Had a doctor's appointment today. It was for this afternoon, but our thundersnowstorm (yes, lightning, thunder AND a few inches of snow) had a lot of people canceling, so they called and asked if I'd come in earlier (or if I wanted to reschedule). Anyways, it was for a female-related thing and I just have to say sometimes guys just have it way too easy. That's all.

And my new dvd-burner drive came. Would you believe I had two drives in my computer and BOTH of them didn't work correctly? BOTH OF THEM!!!!!! So now I have a new one that works and we'll have fun taking apart the other two.

And the storm had Gambit cowering under the couch this morning. You know it's bad when he doesn't even come out for food. Poor guy. And my in-laws get to meet him for the first time this weekend. Well, that is if the roads are good since they're driving. *crosses fingers for decent weather* I miss seeing them.


Samantha said...

Gotta love midwest weather. Are you in IL? Cause that's where I am and we're having the same kind of stuff. Makes walking to classes a lovely experience.

Nicole said...

I'm in Iowa, so you must have gotten the stuff that came through here. Nasty.