I have failed.

I tried, I really did. I so wanted to find Devil in Winter this weekend. Rumors had it at Walgreens, so I tried there. Then Walmart. And nope. None had it. I almost tried a local used bookstore that carries new books, but I had to turn around when I realized I was out of checks and cash and they don't do credit cards. Darn it. So...I guess I'll be waiting until the actual release date. Hmph.

Up next...tales of my bookshelf redo (I purged and alphabetized. Aren't you proud, Megan?). I even have before and after pictures! can you say I love my camera? Might even have to get Gambit in there sometime. He's looking ever so cute (and if you go, "oh you're so cute, sooo cute, such a cute kitty" to him, he plops over on his side/back. Which makes him look even cuter.)

Other than the failure to procure the newest Kleypas book, I'm in an amazingly good mood. Oh...and we bought lots of kitchen gadgets today. That was also fun. I got this cute metal colander with pineapples as the holes, a microplane/zester, silcone basting brush, new silcone spatulas, some chop and scrape thingy, cast-iron skillet, two cereal containers, and some more that I don't remember.

Now on to the gym in a half hour.


sybil said...

awww I am sorry! I still haven't seen it at a Walmart. No DiW and no LE. Everything else a yes... which means I must stay far far far away from Walmart.

Nicole said...

Walmart didn't have ANY of the march releases.

Megan Frampton said...

I am very proud! Although I bet you won't think it makes it all easier to find...but it makes ME happier, and that's what matters, right?

CindyS said...

Awww. I hate when you can't find the book you need right NOW!! You have Sunday though right?

Can't wait to see the before and after pics - I'm weird that way.

Our cat Emma, even when she is having a bad day (hairballs, sick) all you have to do is look at her and tell her you love her toes. She goes nuts. I swear she knows what we are saying because she'll put her front paws out and flex her toes so that you can see them better. Her new thing (and she's 10) is to chase my feet in bed. I just about fell out the other day when she came out of no where to attack the twitching foot. Funny how they never stay the same. Amber now watches TV. No. She watches TV. Her ears will perk up, her head will tilt. It's the weirdest thing ever.

Oooops, running on again but then, when can't we run on about our pets!


Kristie (J) said...

You do realize don't you that if you read DIW without first reading DREAMING OF YOU, I shall be even more relentless in my "encouragement". In fact - I may even cross over to the stalker stage that I seem to be accused of. You and Cindy both!
It begins NOW
I am over half way through DIW and it mentions Derek Craven a number of times so you must read it to get an appreciation of gambling houses

sybil said...

I am completley sad I don't have money right now, cuz there were a shit load of DiW copies at Walgreens.

And walmart had everything else but I was good and stuck to DiW and Sabrina Jeffries new one.

ag said...

Bravo! Nicole, for getting your shelf alpha-tised. I wish I were that motivated.

That makes two of us who can't get hold of a copy of DIW. All the best in your search. I've a feelign I may have to wait until 7 March for the local store release. Pity me too!