For Sherrilyn Kenyon fans

Seems that her out-of-print backlist is going to be re-released. So if you're not a die-die-die-hard fan, don't pay the big bucks for those copies floating around. Daimon's Angel, Paradise City, Born of the Night, and Born of Fire will be out and from the newsletter, looks like she may be rewriting parts to conform more to her original idea for the series. Don't know any release dates yet.

And it seems that the Lords of Avalon series will also be going into the realm of graphic novels. Or basically, a comic book series. Quite interesting. I wonder if the popularity of manga has any bearing on that? I think her release this March is the first of the Lords of Avalon. I think I'll be getting it.


Kristie (J) said...

Iam so glad to hear they are rereleasing her earlier books!!!! I have and loved Paradise City and always wanted to find the other ones she wrote way back before she went series crazy. Her pre Acheron days *smile*

sybil said...

I still kick myself for not buying Paradise City when I had it in my hands. Not that I wanted it and would have sent it off to nicole but it just annoys I let a HTF OOP go.

I so don't get the managa thing.

Bev (BB) said...

I didn't even realize she had any books before her two connected groups (one under each AKA) and I've looked at her website. Must've been on another page from the list I checked. Hmmm.

Must have. (G) When will they be republished?

Nicole said...

Beverly, the newsletter didn't say.