The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1

Got this at the library last week along with some other graphic novels and manga. Finished it last night and now I really want to read the second volume.

London, 1898. The Victorian Era draws to a close and the twentieth century approaches. It is a time of great change and an age of stagnation, a period of chaste order and ignoble chaos. It is an era in need of champions.

Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Hawley Griffin, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde, and Mina Murray are those champions and together they comprise the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Recruited by the enigmatic Campion Bond, under orders from the mysterious "M," these six adventurers are pressed into service by their empire in its time of need. Now they must face the nefarious Doctor and his vile plan for world domination. But things are not entirely as they seem; other factors, cryptic and corpuscular, are also at play. A remarkable drama ensues.

Well....if you haven't read this, you should. It's great fun. Humorous and full of adventure and literary references. The art even grew on me after awhile. I can't really think of what to say other than that I really enjoyed it. And it's nothing like that awful movie.


Samantha said...

the movie was pretty bad but i still kind of liked it. I need to find this book.

McVane said...

Oh, I love that and I also love the film. So there. OK, I still don't get the point of having Huckleberry Finn there, but if I squint my eyes with my finger ever ready on the Mute button, I can block him out of the film easily enough.