Misled by Sylvia Day

And up next is Misled by Sylvia Day. Nice combination of vampires and futuristic romance.

Book blurb from Ellora's Cave:
Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson has a craving for luscious vamp Sable Taylor. But Sable is a bounty hunter, which makes him direct competition in the capture of wanted criminals. Despite the obvious attraction between them, she won't give him a chance and after two years, he's tired of waiting for her to come around.

So he's got a plan to give them both what they want…each other.

Sable's on a dangerous mission. She's not who Derek thinks she is, so a relationship just isn't possible. But like most master vampires, Derek's wily and used to having his way. When he traps her on his ship, she decides to indulge. Two straight days of mind-blowing sex should be enough, but it isn't, not for either of them. Her heart is involved now, but Sable can't let Derek get too close. If he finds out what she's doing, he'll never forgive her.

Derek, however, refuses to let go. Now he's getting shot at and asking questions she shouldn't answer. Sable has to reveal the truth… Derek's love has been misled…

I really liked this one. I have no clue why I waited until last week to finally start reading it. It's got a great story, great characters, and great sex. So altogether, a rather great book. I mean, it even has a great cover. Sable's a nice strong female lead and Derek's a good match for her. I especially liked his reaction to Sable's secret. And as much as I enjoy vampire books, I did like that it wasn't a huge part of the book. I mean, it's certainly there and plays a role (since Sable and Derek are both vampires), but it doesn't overshadow the futuristic feel of the book.

I'll definitely be reading the sequel someday - whenever I get the urge to buy ebooks again. And Amazon has FINALLY shipped Bad Boys Ahoy!, so I should be getting that at the beginning of next week.

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sybil said...

Great book! I have the sequel to read but haven't gotten to it yet.

BBA is sitting next to me. whhhhheeeeeeee