Valentine's Day tag

This is from Lori Devoti's blog post:

A list of books perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts, of course. But to make it more fun, the title has to include a Valentine type word like: love, heart, kiss, Valentine, cupid. Anything you might find inside a valentine.

1. The Trouble With Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson
2. Valentine Kittens by Jo Ann Ferguson, Valerie King, and Cynthia Pratt
3. 2000 Kisses by Christina Skye

So...I'm tagging Jay, Kristie, and Angie. And well, anyone else who feels like it.

Edited to add: Add three new ones tot he list, or however many you want.


Lori Devoti said...

Yay, Nicole. It is the first time I have started a virus...excuse me..tag game. :)

Jay said...

wait, do I have to come up with as many as possible, or is it one of those 'add 1 to the bottom and pass on' type of things?

Kristie (J) said...

That was going to be my question. How many do we have to have. I'm pondering on it and I've come up with one so far.

Nicole said...

I'd say three. It shouldn't be that hard.