I'm back for a little while

Well, it's Sunday and I survived Saturday. Lots of fun to be had yesterday. Well, after we took Gambit to be boarded at the vet. OMG, I felt so sorry for him. I think he thinks we've deserted him. You should have heard his pathetic yowling. But we'll go get him tomorrow morning.

On to Des Moines. Went to Waldenbooks as I had a gift card and I bought several books. They have a buy 4 get the 5th free deal going on so I picked up these:

To the Brink by Cindy Gerard (now I have the whole series to read all at once)
Goddess of the Rose by P.C. Cast
Awaiting the Moon by Donna Lea Simpson
In the Thrill of the Night by Candice Hern
Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen (you know, I still have Crazy Cool to read...)

Then we went to another mall where Kathleen Bacus and Susan Fox were signing at the Barnes and Noble. Both were very nice and it was fun to listen to them talk to each other. I learned that there will be at least three more Calamity Jayne stories. The second is coming in July and takes place at the Iowa State Fair. Then the third will be a Halloween tale in October. And the fourth in April 2007.

I also learned about the cover name discrepancy. Apparently she's working on a darker series and wanted to use the K.C. Bacus name for that to separate it from the lighter series she has going on right now. She has no idea how that name came to be on the covers, but for awhile she was afraid they wouldn't be able to change it to Kathleen Bacus in time. But apparently they did.

And at BN, I also bought Sorceress of Faith by Robin D. Owens and One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor, as well as A Husband To Belong To by Susan Fox (also very nice to meet) and of course Calamity Jayne (I sent my first copy on to Jay).

And we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmm... I'd never been there. We shared an entree and I had the Godiva chocolate cheesecake. Oh...it was rich. And good. And I didn't finish all of it. Just too much. But oh...good.

Then...concert. It was for the Snocore tour and featured Halestorm, Flyleaf, Shinedown, and Seether. All were pretty good, but Seether definitely stood out. They sound as good in concert as they do on the cd. my god my feet hurt after standing for the five hours the concert lasted. But thanks to that new rapid release tylenol stuff, I didn't have a headache even after standing in smoke the whole night. Good drugs. So it was a very good rock concert and I'm glad we decided to go.

And the hotel...I slept so good. Was a nice big comfy bed. And had hot hot water and good water pressure (really, that's all I want. If everything else sucks, I want at least a good hot shower). I'd stay there again.

So that was my Saturday. Busy busy and lots of fun. Oh..and I finished Vanish by Tess Gerritsen on the drive home. Good book. But man, now I've finished all the Rizzoli/Isles books that are out. I think I read three in the last week. Really good series, as you can probably figure out.

And the weekend's not over. Still have another concert tonight!


CindyS said...

Holy Crap, I think I need a smoke!

That kind of weekend would send me to bed for a snooze fest!!

Glad to hear about the Calamity series and now I am wondering about her 'darker' books. Probably mystery or something.

Hope your second concert was just as mindblowing.


sybil said...

LOL that is where you have been! I was looking for you, but I finally figured out to to post pics the right way.

All by myself, well and many rereads of your directions you have blogged ;)

Sounds like you have loads of fun! And lots of new books!!!! I can't read in the car :(

wendy said...

Sounds like a nice time. And, the Kathleen/K.C. name mystery was solved!