Black Friday, etc's that wonderful, infamous shopping day. Read the ads yesterday and wanted absolutely nothing. :-) We did go to Home Depot to get a Maglite. I don't know why, but I always get distracted by tools. Sometimes more so than my husband. "Ooh...that looks cool.." Never mind that I can't even really use the drill my husband bought me (well, I can, I just don't actually know how to change the bits *sheepish grin*). I still love that drill though. It's been used to put together lots of things that have made me very happy. Like, oh, bookshelves.

And we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Luckily they weren't having any huge Black Friday sales so it was safe to shop there. It's very easy to spend $50+ in a kitchen store.

AND....we passed a sign saying Huge Book Sale (or something like that) and went in. Lots of discounted books. Picked up The Traveler in a book club edition. They had plenty of other stuff and lots of trade paperbacks, but shelves are full so I didn't pick up any of those. I might go later on. I heard that they'll be open for a few months.

Also bought tickets for an afternoon showing of Harry Potter. Can't wait.

Okay...on to Turkey day events. We brined the turkey and it turned out perfectly. Had one little hitch in that though. Put it out overnight in the brine solution on our covered balcony. got down to like 16 degrees that night. So Nick had to chip off about an inch and a half of ice before we could rescue the turkey. *g* Other than that, it turned out great. My first pumpkin pie was excellent, too.

Also read a ton. Finished up Kiss Me, Annabel by Eloisa James, started and finished One Little Sin by Liz Carlyle, and started Two Little Lies by Carlyle. I should finish up Two Little Lies today. So reviews of all three will be forthcoming. All were excellent and very enjoyable. Lots of great characters.


Tara Marie said...

Congrats on the brined bird and the pumpkin pie.

Looking forward to your reviews, I'm reading Kiss Me, Annabell, already read One Little Sin, I may have to head to B&N for the other Carlyle.

I completely avoid any shopping on Black Friday, hate the crowds.

CindyS said...

Glad you turkey day turned out well! It is nerve racking to get everything done and chipping a turkey out of ice would definitely have set me off.

Now, see, you get to look at fun stuff at depot. I'm normally sulking about the plumbing and electrical fittings aisle. Also, my hubby doesn't believe in ordering anything. We must get whatever they have in stock because he can't wait. Ever. It's downright annoying. I could have nicer stuff if Bob wasn't keeping me to stock items.

So, let's see if I have this correct. You didn't buy any books because your shelves are full? That's it, I'm revoking your rights as a bookaholic! I've turned from books before, but never because of space ;)

I'm looking forward to your reviews. I can't believe you read so much. Right now, I can't get a book squeezed in to save my life. Maybe when the TV reruns start.


Nicole said...

Cindy, I just have so many tbr books that I couldn't justify buying more books that I wasn't positive I wanted to read.