Kiss Me, Annabel by Eloisa James

I think I may have liked this one even better than Much Ado About You.

The RULES OF MARRIAGE...according to Miss Annabel Essex

A husband must be:


Make that very rich. She’s had enough of leaky roofs and thread-worn clothing.


London is the center of the civilized world, and Annabel has a passion for silk and hot water.

Good-looking would be nice, but not necessary. Same for intelligent.

Isn’t she lucky? She’s found just the man! And her chosen spouse is nothing like the impoverished Scottish Earl of Ardmore, who has nothing but his gorgeous eyes, his brain -- and his kisses -- to recommend him.

So what cruel twist of fate put her in a carriage on her way to Scotland with just that impoverished earl and all the world thinking they’re man and wife? Sleeping in the same bed? Not to mention the game of words started by the earl -- in which the prize is a kiss. And the forfeit...

Well. They are almost married, after all!

*sigh* Ewan was such a great character and hero. Seeing him interact with everyone aruond him shows the strength of character he has. And, amazingly enough, he's one of the first heroes I've read about who's religious. And it's obvious how much he loves Annabel and how much she loves him back even when she doesn't want to admit it.

Actually, all the characters here are great. I think what surprised me the most is how much I felt for Imogen. It's obvious how hurt and confused she is, though she's going about her grief in the wrong way. Makes me wonder who will be her hero. Making it Rafe might be too easy....but you never know. He's also another character who it would be nice to see have a happy ending.

Family is important in the book and I liked how the author mixed in all the other characters without making them feel like they were just fodder for more books. I mean, you know there will be more books, but you really do care about what is happening to them now. Especially Imogen. She's going to need someone special.

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Tara Marie said...

I haven't finished this yet, but am completely enjoying it. I've been reading it and NR's Red Lily, which wasn't a great read.

I love Eloisa James' writing style and voice. I think you're right it will be Rafe and Imogene, but I'm curious how she's going to pull it together.