Winter has arrived!

Here in Cedar Rapids, we just got our first snow of the year. Isn't sticking, but hey, it's still snow. Though now it's kinda sleeting. Yuck. Snow is good. Sleet is bad.

In other news, I actually felt like cleaning today. Wow. Oh, and Oxi-Clean is my new best friend.

Read Threads of Malice last night. So good. Creepy and disturbing, but I couldn't put it down until I was finished. Review to follow sometime. I think. Depends on my mood. *g*

Need to update my Currently Reading list. Trying to get a handle on my massive tbr pile. I swore I wasn't going to read Threads of Malice until I read something old, but as you can see, that didn't happen.

Also picked up a copy of Domino at Hy-Vee today. It's quite fun to read. Might ask for a subscription for Christmas.

And for your viewing pleasure: Engrish


BJ Deese said...

Please send me some snow.

jay said...

Oh God, keep it away from me though. Snow is only nice in movies and those snowglobes.

Nicole said...

How can you not like snow? It's so nice and fluffy!

Now...I can do without the ice, but it. It's the ice I hate.

Jay said...

Snow is cold and you have to shovel it and it gets in your pants legs and makes your ankles wet. Seriously, it's only nice away from me.

CindyS said...

Snow I can deal with, I think. Heck even ice is pretty. It's overcast dreary blistery cold days that I can't tolerate!

From your Canadian friend who hasn't seen the snow fly yet! Thank God because I don't think I'm ready!