I cave - Book Meme from all over

So....25 or so book things about me. Hmmm..

1. I'm not entirely sure how I choose books. Sometimes cover, sometimes author, title....I mean, I grabbed The Greek's Christmas Baby from SuperTarget on Monday! So I'm far from consistent. Well...I suppose Lucy Monroe's books are just a guilty pleasure. And I bought Leslie Kelly's newest Blaze even though I found her last book kinda meh.

2. I tend to shelve my books aesthetically. They sorta go by genre, but really, it's by what I think looks pretty. Authors are usually together, but not always. And there's a shelf in the living room with fantasy/science fiction that seems to be going by publisher. And it drove me nuts that some of the pubs had changed book height over the years, so things were a bit uneven. Book height....very important. There seems to really be no standard.

3. I read in the bathroom. And for some reason find it embarrassing. (hi, Nick. yes, I read in the bathroom, though you probably already know.)

4. I have bought books purely because the author had a contest where the answer was only found in the book. And usually they're ones I wouldn't have ordinarily picked up, but they're usually quite good. Like Kay Stockham's Montana Secrets. I liked that book.

5. I used to be one of those awful, gushing, five-star-giving reviewers and now find it rather embarrassing. Okay, really embarrassing.

6. Yes, I have been known to skim the sex scenes in even erotic romances.

7. I hate Christine Feehan's books. Okay, strongly dislike. And I've tried more than a few.

8. Just a year or so ago I wouldn't be caught dead reading a contemporary.

9. I reread books. Not as much as I used to, but I still sometimes will pick up a favorite. This isn't so bad with romances, but I've reread a ton of my fantasy books. Cuz when a new book in a series came out, i'd read all the previous ones. Any idea how many times I've read Eye of the World by Robert Jordan? *g* Also reread Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth quite a few times. And early Cussler. And many of my Anne McCaffrey books (I really want to pick up The Rowan to read again). And my David Eddings ones.

10. I have a thing for cat books. I have a fair number of cat mysteries and I've been known to buy a book purely because it has a cat on the cover.

11. J.D. Robb books are the only romances I will contemplate buying in hardcover, yet I've never read any actual Nora Roberts. I do have a few now, so I should rectify that.

12. I buy purses based on being able to fit a paperback in them. Usually don't fit a trade size, though. I'm too short to go too big with my purses.

13. I love to buy humor books for my husband, yet I hardly ever read them myself. Instead, I love to listen to him laugh and then have him either read me the passage or show me. I love it when he reads parts of Dave Barry to me.

14. I can read books without cracking the spine 99% of the time. Even my Robert Jordan books don't have cracks in the spine! You can tell which books I've gotten used or lent out by seeing spine cracks.

15. I mostly read in bed before going to sleep and on weekends in the afternoon in the living room. Hardly ever during the day on weekdays (er...unless it's in the bathroom *g*).

16. I used to dog-ear my corners. I think it started when I was young and a friend's mother got mad at me for putting a book open upside down when I couldn't find a piece of paper for a bookmark. No clue why dog-earing a book was better than what I'd done. But now I have about a million author bookmarks so when I pick out a book to use, I grab a bookmark right away to put in it.

17. I bring way too many books on vacations because I'm always afraid of running out of things to read or not be in the mood for something.

18. I often decide what to read based on mood. Early Julia Quinns are great when feeling depressed.

19. I usually have multiple books started at once. Right now there are seven books on my nightstand with bookmarks in them that I haven't quite given up on finishing sometime soon.

20. I don't really like reading hardbacks. I think it's because I read in bed curled on my side holding the book with one hand. Gets tiring when it's large.

21. I dislike books with children in them. Though for some reason I seem to have picked up several that have children in them and I didn't mind them. But usually if there's a child on the cover, I'll immediately pass it by.

22. I'm a cover snob. I don't care about the adage "Don't judge a book by its cover". With hundreds of potential books to read each month, how am I supposed to at least start on figuring out what to read?

23. I love cartoon covers.

24. My reading tastes seem to be constantly evolving. I was going through a all-romance phase for awhile, but now other genres are creeping in again.

25. I'm awful about remembering H/h names even in books I really loved.

Okay, that's 25 and I'm not going to wrack my brain for more.


Kristie said...

#3 - another bathroom reader. Ron also can't figure out how I can do that.
#6, 7, 12 (mine is the 3 book rule), 14, 17, 18, 25 - Yup!

Megan Frampton said...

I love that you use bookmarks,but #2? Aesthetically? That would drive me nuts!

CindyS said...

25 - I'm bad at that also. Most of the time I can't tell you the title of my fav. book because I get it mixed up.

14 - looks like I am the only spine cracker in the group. I only do it when the typeface is so close to the margins. Small print books can make me loopy but making they have little to no margins and I'm a wreck.

16 - I'm famous for leaving my books opened face down. After a week the book naturally falls open to the page that was held. Then I try and squish it between heavy books so it will stop.


Nicole said...

Bad Cindy, bad. Even small print books you shouldn't have to break the spine.

Megan, it doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone else. There's really no order, yet I can't stand to have someone else put my books on the shelves.

Megan Frampton said...

Oh, and just wanted to say, didn't want to end so abruptly, but the husband came home and he did think I was doing revisions, not visiting websites. So I sent real quick and scooted out.

And, of course, I am a fiend for alphabetization; right now I'm alphabetizing CDs (inbetween blog-hopping, of course).