My head hurts

And it isn't because I can't get into books. It's cold out and snowing. oh yay. Bleh. But Bones and House are on tonight! And I need to remember to tape Threshold. I never got around to watching last week's episode. Oops.

I checked out Daniella Brodsky's Diary of a Working Girl from the library, but returned it today unfinished. It was just too boring. Stereotypical single urban chick lit heroine needing to find love in the city and a job to pay for lots of expensive shoes and clothing. Boooooooooring. I just couldn't get into it.

Now I've started Talyn by Holly Lisle. I really hope it picks up, because so far it really hasn't held my interest. Right now I could quite easily put it down and not pick it up again. There's just no reason for me to care about the main character yet or even care about the events that are occurring. The writing is fine, it's just rather dull right now. I'll slog on a bit more before I decide to give up on it completely, though.

Also reading Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro on my iPaq. Thankfully, it's good and makes up for the duds. It's a shape-shifter story set in New Zealand. I just love her writing and she's one of my favorite Ellora's Cave authors.

I also have to write up some reviews for some books I've read this month that I keep forgetting about.

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Jordan Summers said...

I'm having trouble reading stuff lately too. Nothing is keeping my interest, even though I have a lot of lovely books. Sigh.