Montana Secrets by Kay Stockham

So I picked this one up for a purely selfish reason. She has a scavenger hunt on her website and the answers are only found in the book. Well, actually, even that wasn't going to get me to buy the book. Superromances aren't my thing, but when I saw this in the store, I just decided to buy it. And I'm actually glad I did. It's a very heart-warming story.

Secrets kept. Lives changed forever.

As a physical therapist, Grace Korbit has had some tough cases, but returning to her hometown to care for Seth Rowland will be the most difficult job she's ever had. When she left ten years ago, Grace was running from the secrets in her past. And from Seth.

After a riding accident left him in a wheelchair, Seth holed up in his room, shutting out the world. He doesn't want help from anyone. Especially Grace, considering she left him without an explanation ten years ago.

But what Seth doesn't know is that Grace had a really good reason for leaving…

Seth has already gone through six therapists when Grace arrives. Jake, Seth's brother and caretaker, neglected to mention that to Grace on the phone. Seth's angry at his injury and has been lashing out at everyone, even his young niece. Seth and Grace once dated, but that ended when she just left one day with her brother without telling him. And of course they soon realize that their feelings for each other are still there, blah blah blah... Well, you know what happens.

Even if some of the plot might be typical, this really is a well-written story. Seth's been paralyzed and part of the novel is him coming to grips with what has happened and starting the healing process. Grace has also been deeply hurt and emotionally scarred, although that sorta gets into spoiler territory. Suffice to say that although these two people have been deeply scarred, I really believed in the HEA here and wanted them to get together. I also liked the secondary relationship between Jake and his wife and them dealing with everything.

It may be a sappy story, but sometimes that's just what you need. So I recommend this one.

And it's got a kid. I keep reading books with kids! And non-annoying ones, too. Wow.

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