In the Mood by Ellen Fisher ebook that actually had me going back to finish it. Lately, that's been hard to find. Well, actually, that hasn't happened at all lately. So kudos to Ellen for breaking my ebook drought. And with such a good book.

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Alyssa Stone was used to betrayal and heartbreak. Shattered by her first love's affair with her own mother, Alyssa lived in a daydream world by reading romance novels. But when her world collided with famous writer, Jude Patterson, Alyssa's fantasies came to a screeching halt. He couldn't write modern sex scenes to save his newest book. How could this incredibly sexy writer not get what made women hot? As Alyssa helped him rewrite smoldering sex scenes, as she kissed his tender lips, she couldn't deny the feeling that he knew more about how to treat a woman than he let on.... Could it be true that heroes really do exist...?

Okay, cute romantic comedy going here. I liked both characters, but it was Jude who I obviously liked the most. Obviously, you ask? Well, it seems Ellen was channeling my husband when she wrote it. I mean, red hair, lean, funny, good with his hands... There were a few more things that reminded me of Nick, but I'll not mention those. *eg* So yeah, I loved the hero here. He's just so damn nice! And so sweet in helping Alyssa get over her fear of intimacy. Ahh...everyone needs a guy like that. Sweet and focused on pleasing you in bed. Perfect.

This is a novella, so things go fast, yet it never felt like things were really rushed. I wondered a few times what Jude really saw in Alyssa, but in the end, I just chalked it up to "sometimes you just know" and in the end, I thought they had a chance to make things really work.

So...if you want a really sweet, but really sexy romance, go forth to New Concepts Publishing and buy In the Mood. Go! Hey, it's only $3.50.


Jay said...

I have this but haven't gotten to it yet because like you, I've got a ton of ebooks. Maybe I'll try to move this up on the virtual TBR list.

Ellen Fisher said...

Thanks so much, Nicole! Glad you liked it. You really brightened my day:-).