Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger

I tried...I really did.


In fact, she's an expert. Lace pillows filled with cat hair-for your least-favorite, most allergic relative; boxer shorts that set off metal detectors-for your cheating spouse; and her best seller at chocolates for your worst enemy, so you can watch gleefully as she packs on the pounds.

Tara's best friend warns her that all this revenge is damaging her karma, but Tara doesn't care about her next life-she wants to enjoy this one. Besides, her kitchen is full of cranky ghosts. Tara figures she'll be the same one day, when she leaves the mortal plane.

That might happen sooner than she thought, because someone has put a curse on her. A black cat, a black dog, even a black goat, appear, each followed by bizarre, almost-disastrous events. And it all started around the time Howard showed up. Howard says he wants to go into business with Tara, but it seems like he wants to go to bed with her. Unless he's the one who cursed her . . . .

Is this karma coming full circle-or destiny knocking on Tara's door?

I checked this one out from the library because I really wanted to know what all the fuss was about. People seem to be all over the place with their opinions on this one. Some love it, some hate it, and some are just meh. I'm not quite sure where I am, somewhere in between hate it and meh-land. Basically, I can't finish it. There just isn't that spark that makes me want to read on, that extra something that propels me to take it everywhere and ignore everything else. I just plain can't bring myself to care about this book. I'm only about a third of the way in, but a book should have a compelling hook by now and this one doesn't. So it's got a snarky heroine, but when you don't actually have any reason to wonder what happens to her in the book, why would I read it? I don't have a problem with Tara, it's the whole lack of well, anything. I mean, I don't even wonder who is sending her the black cat, the rooster, etc. *shrug* Cute idea, but it unfortunately just doesn't get off the ground. It's just...boring.

So...Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger is going back to the library. I just can't bring myself to read it any longer.


Jay said...

I completely agree. Except I finished it. Still not sure why, since I definitely didnt care about any of the people.

CindyS said...

I'm reading your post and then look up at the cover and got scared stupid (easy) by the floating face in the clouds!

The good news is you and Jay are saving my from 'meh' reads.

Course with my crappy memory I will see this book and think about how I am sure I have been hearing a lot about it.

I shouldn't be allowed out by myself. Especially with money.