Bra Shopping

I went bra shopping at Victoria's Secret yesterday. Had a comfortable bra lose its underwire the day before. So I'm in the dressing room trying on a million different styles in one size. Now in some of them, my cup overfloweth *g* yet wouldn't you know, there are like no cute bras in a DD in that store. And the ones that are in a DD are shaped all funky. More of a "they're big, let's schmoosh them". Um, hello? Lift and separate here, people, we do not need any schmooshing. Just because I might be a DD does NOT make the width of my chest bigger. I do not need you to make the damn underwire wider, I just need a bit more fabric in the cup. That's ALL I need. And why do you assume that none of your patrons want cute bras in larger cup sizes? Hmmm?????

*sigh* I did end up with a cute bra. And it's comfortable. And DH gave it a thumbs up.

Anyone else hate bra shopping?


Marianne LaCroix said...

I hate it too. I have caved to just shopping online for bras now simply because I need an underwire. I do not know why the stores like Walmart don't carry decent bras for plus size women with underwires. I mean, I want support, not just a piece of fabric strapped to my chest.

I shop Just My Size online. Nice pras with pretty styles in my size. Works for me.

Nice into to me, huh?? (Hi there)

Tara Marie said...

Nicole, I stand united with you. I've been a DD since high school and finding a 36DD was impossible back then.

Be prepared, if you breast feed babies they get bigger for a while. I took to wearing sports bras, I couldn't find anything bigger except in catalogs.

Kaitlin said...

I abhor shopping for bras. I'm so jealous of friends who have the perfect 34 C. Drives me nuts. They make granny bras for anyone D & over. Doesn't make a lick of sense.

I actually found some really comfortable, cute Wal-Mart of all places. Underwire and all. They're cheap, but that's all I could afford at the time. :)

Have a great day! :)

Cara King said...

I hate any clothes shopping. I always end up feeling fat, and weirdly shaped, and uncomfortable, and -- ack! Bra shopping always costs way too much, and unless I know exactly which bra I want going in (which, if they have at all, they never have in beige anyway -- and usually nothing but black or something like that which I can't wear under half my shirts, at least in the summer...okay, sorry, run-on sentence, where was I?...) it takes forever and I still may not find anything that I can live with. :-)

Cara (another Firefly fan!)

CindyS said...

Exactly! Am I the only one who feels like her breasts are attacking her neck with the whole smooshinig thing. I would be terrified to lift the puppies also!

I'm also the weird person in the crowd who hates underwires but it might be because I haven't been properly sized for one. Do other's sigh a sigh of relief when the bra comes off?

Pretty bras. If only.


Nicole said...

Cindy, if you get the proper size and fit, underwire is great.

I'm rather fond of my chest, so one reason I never get the non-underwire is that they don't give me the support and shape I like. If I have to have these, then by God they're going to look good. :-) So I'm all for the lift and separate, it's the lift and then squish that gets them up under the chin...and that's just bad.