Catchup post for this last week

Well, this might be rather long. So beware.

Let's see....Last Wednesday. Last day of work for Nick. Forecast for Friday does not look pleasant. So we ended up leaving on Thursday instead. Drive out to ND was great. We listened to the System of a Down cd for the first time and enjoyed it. Also got a book on cd from the library so we listened to The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. I liked it, but Nick's probably all audiobooked out. We went through the Twin Cities okay. It started to get really foggy between Fargo and Grand Forks and actually stayed rather foggy the whole time we were in ND. There were times that it let up, though.

Christmas was great and we both had a great haul. Ended up getting a new digital camera with Christmas cash. It's a Canon PowerShot S2 IS and has a nice fat manual to go with it. We got it just this morning after we'd ordered it earlier this week.

No bookstore giftcards, but I did get a very cute cat cartoon book from Nick, Scratch the Surface by Susan Conant from my MIL (I'd put it on my wishlist), and a Birds of Iowa book (also from my wishlist). And of course I bought books. Bought Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon and The Prey by Allison Brennan while in Grand Forks from Waldenbooks. I started and finished The Prey the day I got it. It's a definite must-read romantic suspense - and it does have romance!

I actually didn't get a whole lot of reading done during the vacation. Some because I got distracted by the Sudoku book I bought from SuperTarget. Had never tried it before, so that sucked me in. Also had brought Spook by Mary Roach that I have checked out from the library and read some of that, but haven't finished it. It's just not quite as good as Stiff was.

Oh, I did read ALL of Alton Brown's Gear For Your Kitchen. Well, except for the coffeemaker section since I don't drink coffee. But I read all the rest of it!

Also read some of Tabloid Tokyo that I'd bought for Nick. It was pretty funny.

Let's see...Christmas was good. Spent it with the in-laws. Petted Lucky the Yellow Lab lots. She's a bit chunky. Okay, she's a lot chunky. But cute.

Hmm...after Christmas. We shopped. I bought some new jeans and found that my lovely MIL can hem jeans. Woohoo! So she did a great job on a pair I bought.

Ate out lots, but I seem to have only gained maybe one pound. No idea how that works, but I'll take it. *g*

Also bought some books from the Barnes and Noble in St. Cloud, MN. We ended up leaving on Wednesday night to come home since the forecast had bad weather on Thursday for ND and then Friday for Iowa. So we split the driving and stayed in Owatonna overnight and returned yesterday afternoon. So we stopped in St. Cloud to eat and decided to kill some time to avoid rush hour in the Cities. So there I bought The Eight by Katherine Neville, The Decoy Princess by Dawn Cook (already read and loved it), and Dark Mirror by Marjorie M. Liu. Can we say having X-Men on the brain from buying this last book and also currently reading Shadow Touch may have had some influence on naming the cat Gambit? Well, that and Nick liked the sound of it, too. And well, can always say I just named him after a chess move...nah, truly, it was the X-Man.

Wow, this post is all over the place. Gambit's lying in the middle of the office floor. He seems to always want to be in whatever room we're in. Hope he doesn't mind being locked out of the bedroom tonight cuz we're going to try to avoid having him in there. Er, now he's in the litterbox. Good kitty. Er...where's that Oust? *eyes watering*

Oh yeah, we got a cat. Finally it was time. Good way to try out our new camera too. Who knows, might have to ask Angie how she puts video on her blog.

Hmmm...trying to see if I forgot anything. Overall it was a rather relaxing vacation. Good company, too.

Watched Madagascar tonight with Nick and Gambit. Was a cute, funny movie, though nothing special. Laughed quite alot.

Well, that's all for now, I think. Will have more later as I get back in the groove.

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