How to add pictures to your sidebar

Since Màili's post on this has gone into the depths of cyberspace, I'm going to try to recreate it here. Or at least how I go about it.

First I use Picasa/BloggerBot to upload my pictures in the size I want (250 for my sidebar, would be less for others). You can also use Photobucket or another way to upload your pics onto the web.

Step 1: Using Bloggerbot, upload the image to your blog.

Step 2: In the Blogger page, open up the post you just made and save it as a draft. Now it's not going to show up on your blog as a post.

Step 3: Look for the link that's surrounded by these tags: <(a href:)> and <(/a)>
(minus the parantheses, of course)

It'll probably look something like this: <(a href='')><(img border='0' class='phostImg' src='')><(/a)>

Or it does on mine. You can also use Photobucket and cut and paste the Tag link that they give you. Just make sure that the pic is the right size. I like to use BloggerBot because it automatically resizes the images.

So you cut and paste the link into your sidebar under the appropriate header.

I'm using a list format on mine since I'm partial to Candy's kitty heads, so mine looks like this:


<(li)><(a href='')><(img border='0' class='phostImg' src='')><(/a)><(/li)>


Only minus all the damn parantheses since Blogger didn't like it otherwise.

Just email me if I don't make sense. I still don't know a lot of html, just enough to do most of the things I need to on here.

Well, I think this is how I do it. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I've screwed up.


Bookseller Chick said...

Well, hell. I put my comment in the wrong spot. A million thanks here as well.

Nicole said...


I actually use another blog I made just for uploading pics and testing out stuff. Since it's free, I say why not?

Then I just cut and paste the stuff over to this blog's template.

Rosario said...

I do it almost like that. The only difference is that I've created another blog ( solely to post pictures I can link to from my regular blog. So I just use hello/Picassa/whatever to post directly to the secondary blog, and then I don't need to go and change the post to "draft", I just link to the picture I want.

Rosario said...

LOL, I was writing my post while you were writing yours, Nicole!

Bookseller Chick said...

Well, either way it worked, it worked! I can follow directions (sometimes I wonder about this). Thanks again.

Nicole said...

Congrats! They look great.

lol you may have faith in your ability to follow directions, but I don't always have faith in my ability to make them. *g*

Michele said...

I want to add my THANKS too, Nicole!

I knew I could count on you. :)

BTW-Merry Christmas!

Angela James said...

Thanks for re-creating that Nicole!

ReneeW said...

Thanks for the tip about Bloggerbot. I've been doing it the old-fashioned way.

Nicole said...

Bloggerbot can have issues on occasion, but I've found I still like it.

Mainly that I don't have to worry about resizing things myself.