Covers Galore!

Covers of upcoming books. Just ones that caught my eye. And well, looking at covers is fun!


Jay said...

La la la off to add to the wishlist :)

CindyS said...

Ahhh, you are helping to relieve my book loss anxiety.

Dates From Hell - Kim Harrison alone will get me to buy this book.

Mysteria looks like a good one to try some new authors!

Where did you find a pic of MJD already!?

I have never read Gena Showalter and would love your opinion if you have already read her.

Also, Lora Leigh's looks good also.

I'm sensing a theme ;)

On the three books you just reviewed, pass, pass and a maybe. But then, I can't say I am a sci-fi reader.


Kate D. said...

I've never read any Jessica Benson; is she any good? I see Julia Quinn giving her props on the cover and that indicates to me that she's fun.

Nicole said...

I've liked the two Jessica Benson books I've read. Accidental Duchess and Lord Stanhope's Proposal. I'm definitely going to get Much Obliged when it's re-released next month.

Michele said...

Oh, I can respond to Cindys about Gena, if I may.

Gena's books are absolutely delightful. I just read Heart of the Dragon and its awesome! She writes romance well and has some novel ways of expression in her heroine and hero's POV. Not to mention the dragon guy is to die for...yummy. (if he were real)
Hope this helps.

Um, Nicole, I have a favor to ask for someone else. A fellow blogger asked if I knew how to have pic's of books of "What I read" and "What I'm About to Read", like you, in her side bar. I did't (don't)know but I knew who to go to and that was you.

She's called Bookseller Chick at

Do you think you could give her the instructions?
I might take a peek too. I love how you've set yours up.

Thanks, Nicole

Bookseller Chick said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll get right on that and let you know how it works out!