Trouble at Triskelion?

Maybe I'm out of the loop, but has anyone else noticed that authors seem to be leaving Triskelion Publishing? I know Theresa MacFarland is no longer there, and as I was looking for cover art for Love's Creation by Cher Mason, I also noticed it was no longer there.

The Triskelion site has always been one of the worst e-pub sites for navigation and ease of use, but I did like serveral authors there. So are these authors just moving on to better things, or is there trouble brewing at the publisher?

I do think TMac has gone with other pubs for some of her books (I guess Samhain is picking up all her Triskelion releases). Along with having a name change to Ciar Cullen.

And oh, Rachel Carrington isn't there anymore, nor is Vivian Hart.


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it they instituted a rather unpopular contract change (very, very unpopular), in addition to breaking promises to several authors that were supposed to go in print but got pushed back for bigger names, and the feeling that their attentions have been mightily distracted by their RWA recognition push. Add in a new publisher giving authors a chance to shop their books and yes, I think you're right.

Nicole said...

Ah, interesting. I suspected something like a contract change.

I haven't bought anything there in ages, I mainly like Shelly Laurenston's work, but she hasn't come out with anything in awhile and I haven't heard of anything in the works. :-(

sybil said...

hmmm Shelly Laurenston ? I shall write that name down ;)

I know there was some kind of post up at some blog with shit being thrown. I forget where but shall lookie for you. I don't think I have ever read a Triskelion book but have been trying to try 2 two 3 books at each epub to blog about it.

The one I have marked for this site was a Dakota one. But I haven't bought it yet.

off too look up Shelly Laurenston.. damn I am easy ;)

Ciar Cullen said...

How interesting!!! Well, the gal formerly known as TMAC was not at all troubled by a contract change at Triskelion, cause it never affected me. I'm now Ciar Cullen for a variety of reasons, including changing my name to separate my business life from my other business life. To set the record straight, I had an offer of print for a book that was soon to be released from contract at Triskelion, and was given all my books back :o) That's a whole 'nuther story that I won't bother to go into. I think it's natural for companies and authors to change relationships, and I've been as much to blame (or to credit) as Triskelion, finding myself a home that seems better suited to what I do. That said, I have a number of pals at Samhain, a number still at Triskelion, and a number at other spots. And I'm happy to say, my very first release is going to print in June with Samhain. I am not speaking for other writers who are no longer writing for Triskelion. I'll only say that the company gave me my first contract, for which I'll always be grateful. And Samhain is giving me my first book in bookstores, for which I'll always be grateful. If I had to do the last two years over again, I'd probably do it the exact same way, honestly. I like how things are going :o) I also like Nicole and am happy to have found this post about a half year later, so you'll probably never see this. But come visit me anyway at ciarcullen.blogspot if you happen to read this!

Nicole said...

Thanks for coming and commenting about it. It just had struck me as odd as I hadn't heard anything, but it's nice to have more info. :-)