Bookshelves Part One

Since I was fortunate enough to get a new bookshelf last night, I thought I'd post pictures of the bookshelves throughout my apartment. Beware, lots of pictures here.

The shelf in the middle is the new one. They didn't have the exact same one that we had before, but I don't think it looks too terribly bad in between the old ones.
Upper right side
Lower right side
Bottom middle
Lower left
Er..left middle
Upper left

Well, those are the books in the living room. Errr, there are some scattered around other places, like the dining room table and end table. Click on the pics if you want to see them bigger.


Michele said...

Holy Cats!
The sheer volume of volumes is overwhelming!
You've read them all!!! And they're all keepers?
Wow! I wish you were my neighbor..the heck with the library..they don't have nearly as many paperbacks as you do.

Nicole said...

Oh no, haven't read all of these! I've read a lot, but not all.