The differences between men and women

So I'm in SuperTarget tonight getting snack food. Get in line behind this woman with two kids who's dressed like she's in her early twenties, but looks maybe late 30's (and it was pretty obvious she tanned often, as the wrinkles were starting). So, me being me, I'm looking at what she's wearing. Tight cropped jean jacket, cute tucked-in tee, cropped jeans, sparkly belt, and thong sandals with sequins on them. Now it all looked nicely put together, but just seemed odd for her age.

In the car with husband (this is pretty much what was said, though I don't remember exactly):

Me: Did you notice that woman in front of us at the checkout? Didn't you think she looked a little old for what she was wearing?

Him: Which one?

Me: The one with the two kids.

Him: You mean the one with the big breasts?

Me: *sigh*


CW said...


Right on. :)

Jaynie R said...


yup - sounds like a man

Alyssa said...

He's a man, all right. LOL!

Tara Marie said...

too funny, did your husband actually say "breasts", my husband wouldn't have been that polite.

meljean brook said...

lol! Tara Marie, I was about to say something similar -- it sounded just like my husband, except he would have said "monstrous tits"

Nicole said...

lol yeah, he did.

So...what would your husband have said?

Tara Marie said...

It would have been similar to what meljean's husband would. Or maybe melons, or to quote from An Officer and a Gentleman--bodacious ta tas

Jill said...

lol, men!