What happened?

It's August 23rd and I've read a measly seven whole books this month so far. SEVEN! This from me, who has averaged around 23 books a month so far this year. I suppose it did have to do with having some very boring books that I had to read earlier this month and not really being able to finish them, so they didn't go on the list, but still. I've been reading every single night, it's just either taken me a long time, or I'm not finishing things. Or I'm reading Doc Savage, but for some reason I keep forgetting to ever count those.

Hopefully things will pick up. I've some review books that sound interesting and September is full of books that sound interesting.

Also went to the library bookstore today and picked up a few books. I got Pussyfoot by Carole Nelson Douglas (picked up Catnap there the other day, but hadn't seen this one), Tempted by Your Touch by Jen Holling (Màili, don't read about it), Lord of Seduction by Nicole Jordan, and Rebellious Desire by Julie Garwood.

Why don't I remember anything whatsoever about Rebellious Desire? The plot sounds completely foreign to me, yet I thought I'd read all her historicals. Hmmm...guess I'll just have to put it on the shelf and read it sometime.


Karen Scott said...

I'm reading about five books all at the same time. The problem is, I never remember what I've read when I get back to them. I'll be lucky if I finish any of them. My TBR pile is getting out of control.

Jill said...

Hey, love your new look!