Can you hear me now?

Why no, I can't. My husband is currently tinkering away at his computer since he's just installed a new heatsink. It's also about three times the size of the old one. And quiet! There used to be a rather annoying sound that is gone now.

I must say, computer prowess turns me on. Okay, computer prowess by my husband, no matter what it is, turns me on. *g*


Jill said...

lol, cute!

BJ Deese said...


Suisan said...


My husband's a butcher. How weird is it that his speed in deboning a chicken is a turn-on? *blushes*

:muttering: I must be very weird.

Amy said...

A-ha! It just hit me that it was you who posted a cool geek-gifts website eons ago. :) I have a geek hubby too. Do you happen to remember the website I'm talking about?

Nicole said... ?

Amy said...

That's it! Thank you! :)