Large print category books - who knew?

Well, some of you know I review for CataRomance. Just got two Harlequin Intrigue books in the mail for review and they're the Large Print format that just got started in the last few months (I think). I must say, it's pretty cool. They're the same size as the regular paperbacks, just fatter. They're also only $5.25 versus the $4.99 of the regular size Intrigues. For some reason I thought they were even more. I enjoy Intrigues because I like the action and suspense they have, though the romance can take the backburner on occasion. Which I don't mind, personally.

Harlequin books with the larger print:

Harlequin Romance

Harlequin Intrigue

Harlequin Superromance

Love Inspired

I don't have any trouble reading the regular books, but I can see how these would be nice for other people. Basically it's the exact same book as the regular version, just with a noticeably larger print and more pages.

Here's a pic of the two sizes for comparison. You can ignore my pathetically pale hand.

Click on it for a larger view.


Toni Lea Andrews said...

A librarian friend told me that having your book released in large print vastly improves your chances of selling it to libraries! They are always looking for items to stock their large print shelves, where many senior citizens browse. And senior ladies LOVE romances.

Kristie said...

Showing off the wedding ring are we? Veddy nice.
I hope more books start coming out with larger print. As I get older (sigh) I find my eyes are getting wonkier all the time. At the moment I don't wear glasses for reading - but it's getting blurry. I have reading glasses but they only work if I hold the book right up to my nose and if I wear my other glasses for distance, it's blurry. I tried bifocals but they didn't work either. So I for one, hope this catches on.

Jo Leigh said...

I found out when my last Intrigue came out. I'll be curious to see the numbers, as they're given distinct ISBNs. I hope the large print keeps on happening.

Nicole said...

lol well, I can't very well hold them open with my right hand and still take the picture. They wouldn't stay open unless held.

Tara Marie said...

My sister's MIL reads large print books, our local UBS saves them for her (free of charge--she doesn't sell them) and we send them out to PA for her.

PS--love the toile comforter.